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Learn a little more about our blogger Hannah!

Describe yourself in 100 words

Outgoing, creative, country girl at heart. I’m living in the big smoke at the moment, but my ultimate goal is to just get back ‘home’ to anywhere rural. Right now I’m technically taking a break from university studies, but I’ve taken on both a floristry and an art therapy course! In my spare time I play guitar, sing, horseride, swim, go for walks, cook, and lay in parks listening to podcasts.

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How old are you/what grade are you in?

I’m 19, and in a gap year.

What community/town do you live in?

Currently living in Sydney, but I’m from a property near Nullamanna in north-eastern NSW, in the New England Region. And in April I’m moving to Canberra!

Who is your role model?

This changes a lot, but at the moment I’m really loving particularly women of colour or diverse cultural backgrounds who are really fighting for the rights of some of the most oppressed people in democratic nations. Think Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Nakkiah Lui, and Mariam Veiszadeh.

What’s your favourite thing about living in rural Australia?

The space and the noise. Lots of people think the country is quiet and peaceful, but I just think it’s a different kind of loud to the city. It’s full of natural and soothing sounds-no sirens, traffic, horns, or people, but plenty of cows, birds, frogs, and crickets!

What do you do to relax/have fun?

I swim to relax (I could swim laps forever and ever), and do anything creative to have fun, including drawing, card making, singing, and cooking.

What’s your favourite TV Show?

I honestly don’t really watch TV shows as such, but I love all kinds of documentaries, particularly on sexuality, marginalized groups, and politics. At the moment SBS’s FU2Racism week is full of great stuff.

What’s your favourite quote?

I don’t have a quote so much as a mantra at the moment, which is “don’t dwell”. I have a habit of causing a lot of my own stress by overthinking. I’ve got to listen to Elsa and let it go.

What’s your main goal/ambition right now?

To chill out and do what I love. Last year was a massive, formative, and unhealthily stressful year. Right now I want to listen to myself a bit more and work on being happy!

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