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Sabine is one of our 2017 Leadership Competition winners. You can check out her winning entry here and her bio below.

Describe yourself in 80 words or less!

I am a passionate member of our community with a deep commitment to developing both my own voice and that of others towards the promotion of, and eradication of, issues surrounding both women and youth in our society. I continually strive for opportunities to make positive, sustainable differences both in grassroots community service and fundraising, and also in larger forums – state wide through Queensland Youth Parliament, and in 2017 – internationally as a Delegate to the United Nations Youth Forum.

How old are you, what grade are you in and what community/town do you live in?

I am 17 years old, completing year 12 at St Stephen’s Catholic College, Mareeba. I live in Atherton QLD.

Who is your role model and why?

My role model is my grandfather. He is a tough and brave person who is always there for me no matter what. He’s worked hard all his life as a rural GP, helping people in FNQ for over 40 years. Despite going through his own life struggles, he manages to always put a smile on my face with his big bear hugs and life stories. He has also taught me the way to eat a chair; one bite at a time!

What’s your favourite thing about living in rural Australia?

My favourite thing about living in rural Australia is the people. Everyone manages to be so close and connected just like an extended family. Although this may be hard – I can’t walk through the street with my grandma without saying hello to at least 3 people – It creates a strong sense of community and compassion. Everyone knows everyone and we are all very supportive of each other.  

 Why did you enter Country to Canberra’s Leadership Competition?

I entered the leadership competition because I wanted to extend myself and reach for a goal I know is hard to get. I want to be involved in politics and law in the future as well as getting involved with the world and current issues as much as possible. This leadership competition is an amazing experience which will give me opportunities to do these things, to meet new people and to push myself.  

What do you hope to get out of the Power Trip to Canberra? Out of this power trip, I hope to gain friendships with the other winners as well as with the organisers and even the invited guests. I also hope to learn new skills from experienced people and knowledge to carry me through life. I am also keen to connect with a mentor who will be able to work with me into the future. 

What’s your main goal/ambition right now? My main goal right now is to go to university and study law and criminology and eventually become a lawyer. I’d also love to become a politician in the future. While I work towards achieve this, I am also aiming to start my own not-for-profit organisation to help girls get involved in the 21st century world with a head start.

What’s your favourite quote?

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” Margaret Mead.

Tell us a couple of things you do to relax/have fun?

I enjoy travelling and visiting other countries and learning about different cultures and traditions. I also like reading and writing – I’m writing a sort story right now! 

How do people stay in touch with you?

I am on Instagram as @princessbean01