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Learn a little more about our blogger Sabine!

1) Hey all! My name is Sabine and I am part of the Country to Canberra Blogging Team. I have just started grade 12 in regional far north QLD and I am super excited to see where this year goes. I live in a family of 5, however the rest of my family seem to be around quite a lot of the time! Despite what you might be thinking, this is a great thing! I have a wonderful family who are my daily inspiration and whom I love dearly. I am an extreme bookworm and nerd and I love reading, writing, travel and social justice. As well as this, one of my passions is gender equality and I love Country to Canberra for being a big player in spreading the word about equality every day and getting us closer to our goal. Please feel free to get in touch with me via instagram or facebook – I’m always up for a chat and I assure you, I won’t bite!

2) I am 16, turning 17 in May, and I’m in grade 12.

3) I live in Atherton Far North QLD, in the electorate of Dalrymple.

4) I admire many famous people such as Martin Luther King Jr and Winston Churchill, however, my role model would have to be my Dad.

5) I love rural Australia because of the beauty it is. We live in such amazing places with incredible sunsets, rolling hills and even snow-capped mountains.

6) I don’t really ever relax! But I have fun through being with family and friends and traveling.

7) My favourite TV show is Sherlock (BBC or Elementary).

8) “Everyone wants a magical solution to their problems, yet no one believes in magic”.

9) My main goal for 2017 in particular is to enjoy my last year of school and set myself up well for university in 2018, where I want to study Law and International Relations/politics.

10) Instagram and Twitter: princessbean01