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Country to Canberra strives to be as fair as possible. Our 2016 Leadership Competition Selection Panel will use the criteria below to objectively assess the entries to select our Top 25 Finalists and ultimate winners. 

The 2016 Leadership Competition question is:

Why is gender equality important to you and your community?  

Entrants must abide by entry requirements, as per our Terms and Conditions. Written entries should be no longer than 400 words and video or audio entries should not exceed 2 minutes in duration. Country to Canberra reserves the right to disqualify entrants who exceed allocated time/word limits.

Country to Canberra representatives will assess all the entries and create a shortlist using the criteria below. Shortlisted entries will then be given to a Selection Panel to select the final winners, who will also use the criteria. Those with the highest marks will win the prize, however, one winner minimum must be selected from each state and territory.

All entrants will find out the competition results by 15 October 2016. Good luck!

PDF of Marking Rubric: Marking Rubric 2016

Marking Rubric 2016