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Name: Keasha Benjafield

Community, State: Wongan Hills

School: Wongan Hills District High School

Age: Year 10 Age 16

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From primary school to Prime Minister, how can we create strong pathways to power for women?

We must build bridges not borders.

We must show love not hate.

We must give power when earned.

They tell me I am strong for a girl like it is some kind of insult…

Don’t let my tears make me feel weak, but let me feel like I can thrive in them to make me even stronger. Let them make me grow into the woman I want to be. The woman who makes her own choices and walks through life HER way. Becoming whatever she wants to be. Veterinarian, Doctor, Psychologist, Olympian, Beautician, Prime Minister. I will be what I want to be, I am a woman.

Look at Beyoncé.

Look at your Mum.

There are strong women around you.

Find them, listen to them and learn from them.
Our past women got us the vote.

Our past women got us jobs.

Our past women are the past.

But they helped create our future.

But what are we going to do for OUR future?

Fight for our rights with confidence.

Embrace our past and fight for the future.

I want to see equal opportunities for boys and girls in schools. This is where girls start to feel less powerful. When the boys get picked to do the heavy lifting or the sporting days, teachers assuming that girls can’t or don’t want to. Girls’ power is being taken away at young age and it’s unfair. If you give them strength in Primary School they can make it to Prime Minister.