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Life is Like a Liquorice Allsort

15591035_1108479419250488_4907385342938978090_oWritten by Caitlin Heppner – Country To Canberra Teen Blogger

You’re probably asking yourself, how is life like a liquorice allsort?

Well, there is no wrong answer! To some it may mean something as simple as life is colourful and full of different tastes, to others it may be more meaningful!

So, here’s the challenge.

I want you to sit back and ask yourself, how is life like a liquorice allsort?

If you’re like me and the first word that comes into mind is yuk, then think a little deeper (although I totally agree!).  A liquorice allsort is made up of different layers, some which taste better than others *cough cough liquorice* and each layer represents a period of your life. To me as you journey through life, you pass from one layer to the next, passing from good to bad flavours, then back to good again. Sometimes you find a new flavour, a new layer! This represents a new adventure or period in your life, a new experience! At the first taste you are unsure of what to think or where this will lead you (back for another one maybe), then at the second bite of this new layer, you determine your feelings about this new flavour.

Sometimes the layers represent the happier and sadder times in your life; the brighter colours representing the best times you’ve had, while the black of the liquorice stands for darker memories. But one thing to take away from this, is that the bright always outnumbers the dark! If you don’t believe me, there is bound to be a pack waiting for you to take them home in your local supermarket!

For a creation made in the 1800’s, there is a lot to be taken from these intriguing sweets!

Now, it’s your turn.

How do you think life is like a liquorice allsort?

What lessons do you think we can learn?


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Jessica Fealy joined the Country to Canberra team in 2016 as the Blogger Team Director. Jess grew up on a dairy farm in Malanda, Far North Queensland before heading off to study a Bachelor of Commerce/Law at the University of New England in Armidale, New South Wales. Jess is a qualified Chartered Accountant who worked for many years in Brisbane as a senior accountant in wealth creation and self-managed superannuation, before deciding on a 'tree-change' and heading off to travel around Australia with her young family, which is where her love for blogging began. Now Jess and her husband Matt, and their four young children, live and work on their family owned mango, avocado, lime and passionfruit farm in Mareeba, Far North Queensland. Jess is a member of the Queensland Rural Regional and Remote Women's Network as well as a steering committee member for her local 'Resourcing Women of the North' Group. She is passionate about rural Australia and ensuring the young, country women of today, have their voices heard. Jess blogs about family, farming and fun in Far North Queensland at her blog "Are We There Yet?" http://www.fealyfamily.com/