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Project Empower Workshops & Roadtrip: By Country to Canberra

Project Empower is a national ‘workshop roadtrip’ that will empower teenage girls in rural and remote Australia to reach their leadership potential. It is a program run by award-winning, youth-led organisation Country to Canberra. You can learn more about Country to Canberra on our main website, here!

The purpose of Project Empower to educate about gender equality, build self-esteem and encourage girls to embrace their leadership strengths. It’s a fun, educational and uplifting workshop.

How? We will drive to regional, rural and remote schools in every state and territory across Australia and run workshops in schools, community clubs and more!  We’ll be on the road from May to August 2018. Check out our timeline here and when we might be in your local region. You can submit a quick and easy Expression of Interest form for us to come and visit you!

What age are the participants: our workshops are aimed at teenage females between ages 13-18 (high school). If you’re a teacher or parent, we would love to come and visit your school. Please get in touch!

Length: workshops go for about 90-120 minutes, but can be shorter or longer dependent on the school/group environment. We’re happy to tailor the workshop to your needs.

Who: the workshops will be taught by incredible volunteers from award-winning organisation, Country to Canberra, including our founder Hannah Wandel.

They’re free! Our workshops are completely free of charge. We are passionate about supporting young leaders and happy to invest in our next generation.

Where? We’re going to regional, rural and remote communities in every state and territory. We’ll be on the road from May to August 2018. Check out our timeline here and when we might be in your local region.

Our sponsors: we are able to travel around the nation due to the support of our incredible sponsors & partners Holden, the NSW Department of Primary Industries and Capital Giving. If you want to support us – whether it’s helping us with accommodation or providing a donation – please get in touch. 

Request a workshop: if you want us to come to your community and teach a workshop free-of-charge, please fill out our simple & quick Expression of Interest (EOI) form! Once we receive all the EOIs, we will determine our ‘map’ and which communities we travel to in Australia. We will contact you in March with the outcome and to organsie the workshop!

Volunteer & be a Regional Coordinator: want to help our with Project Empower? You can join in the fun by being your community’s Regional Coordinator. This would involve helping us organise workshops in your local region, and getting involved in a life-changing initiative. We’re after people of all backgrounds and ages! Just fill out the EOI form – section 2 asks if you want to be a Regional Coordinator.

Our values & priorities: you can learn more about our organisational values & strategic priorities below, or on this webpage.

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About Country to Canberra

Country to Canberra is empowering young rural women to reach their leadership potential. Founded in 2014, our award-winning not-for-profit runs nationwide programs that provide education, leadership and mentorship opportunities to regional, rural and remote teenage girls. We are a leading voice for young women, and are committed to strengthening rural communities into the future.


  • Equality: we support and promote gender equality.
  • Respect: we respect one another, & the strength of rural Australia.
  • Solidarity: we support and lift up other women and girls.
  • Inclusion: we are inclusive and respectful of all people, cultures, religions and backgrounds.
  • Excellence: we aspire and encourage you to be the best version of yourself.

Strategic Priorities

  • Empower Future Leaders: To empower young rural women (between 13-18) living in regional, rural and remote Australia to pursue leadership opportunities at school and within their community, by providing skill-building, networking and education opportunities, and by inspiring self-belief.
  • Gender Equality: To actively work to achieve gender equality, by increasing youth discourse and awareness about gender equality issues in rural Australia, and by targeting our programs to improve gender equality outcomes.
  • Mentorship: To facilitate and offer mentorship and sponsorship opportunities to young rural women to build their skills, networks and capacities.
  • Opportunities: To build career networks, increase self-belief and provide ‘resume booster’ opportunities for rural and remote girls.
  • Politics, Primary Industries and Executive: To encourage more young rural women to participate pursue careers in local, state and federal politics or aim for leadership roles in their chosen field, whether it be primary industries, business, education or another.

Our Team

Project Empower is run by an incredible, talented and passionate team of volunteers, led by Founder and CEO of Country to Canberra, Hannah Wandel. For more information about this incredible group of change-makers, see the main Country to Canberra website. #DriveChange

Our Sponsors

NSW Department of Primary Industries
Capital Giving