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120001Author: Emma Crisp

Community, State: Karoonda, South Australia

Age, Grade: 16, Grade 11

If you were Prime Minister for a day, what would you do to help achieve gender equality? Think locally and nationally!

The World, I know, isn’t fair

And usually I wouldn’t care

But then they said I ‘won’t go far’

(Fair enough, I have no car)

They meant in life; achieve I will not

Because of my gender, what utter rot!


I will be great, I will inspire,

Other young girls to think big, dream higher

It’s what I want with all my heart

As Prime Minster, is where I’ll start

I know it is but for one day

But if this chance were to come my way

I’d know exactly what to do with it

With inspiration from Elizabeth Broderick


Think of all the changes that I could make,

The higher pay-checks men would no longer take

Perhaps I’d start on a local scale

I’d make people see that girls are not all frail

Beginning small with our local sports teams

Imagining it now I can hear all the screams

Cheering girls onto the football field

As their true strength is being revealed


But first for myself; I need strength to overcome

All the bad things, and to just have fun

Whilst being responsible for my fate

Being in charge would be truly great.


But what I really, really want to be

Even more than I want a Uni degree,

Is to tell everyone in the World to remember

They can do what they want, regardless of gender.


I will be great, just wait and see

I’ll no longer care what people think of me

It’s not what they say, it’s what you do

That defines who you are and makes you…you.