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Why you should vote ‘yes’ to legalise same-sex marriage

By Elise Toyer – Country to Canberra 2016 Power Trip Winner

I’m excited and frustrated and hopeful and ready for change. Australia may (I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed!) finally, at the end of this year vote ‘Yes’ to legalise same-sex marriage.

I’m excited, and it’s time for us, the Australian public, to show Canberra through this postal plebis…survey that Australia is ready for same-sex marriage, now!

But I’m also frustrated, because even though the outcome of this plebiscite will affect me directly, I don’t get a say. I’m too young to vote. 

I have to sit on the sidelines watching my family get kicked around as a political football. And it hurts. My parents are two fabulous, amazing, sassy, kick-arse women who deserve the right to marry. 

It hurts my brother and sister and I to hear comments that we are ‘abused’, ‘disadvantaged’ and are becoming Australia’s new ‘stolen generation’. I’m none of these, and neither are my brother and sister. I love my family and I refuse to be used as a political pawn.

Plus these comments aren’t just offensive to us, but also to sufferers of childhood abuse, systemic disadvantage and poverty, and to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

I’m hopeful though. To everyone marriage has symbolic meaning, but it also has practical implications and my family shouldn’t be excluded.

Here let this video explain.

I’m ready for change. Equality will happen and this vote is our chance to (respectfully, of course!) let parliament know that marriage does not, and should not, discriminate.

This vote might not change much or matter for you, but for my rainbow, jumbled, dumpling-loving family it will. Still curious? Chuck me a message. Hate and fear are born from ignorance; asking respectful questions is therefore simply a step towards empathy and equality.

So enrol, check your details and get out there and vote. The AEC is only a click away: http://www.aec.gov.au/enrol/.

Vote proud and most importantly vote Yes!!

Love will win.

Easiest way to contact me is through Facebook or email.  Thank you. 🙂