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2016 Power Trip Reflection: “My Journey has only just begun”

Isabella Hall, 2016 Power Trip winner from Whyalla, SAimg_0686

My finger swiped across the screen of my phone, the filters on snapchat passing by with each flick, until landing on just the right frame. On the bottom of my easily disregarded normal photo of a room filled with strangers, read the word ‘Canberra’.

Looking at the word still instilled a sense of disbelief within me. It had only been a few hours ago that I’d been sitting anxiously with my parents at my local airport waiting to disembark on a life changing journey.

Yet, the simplest thing, such as the snapchat filter, suddenly made my reality become real. Because my reality was that I had one won a ‘Power Trip’ to Canberra, after entering my story in Country to Canberra’s Leadership Competition.

Canberra was place I had always regarded as a destination of change. This was the city where decisions were made and futures discussed, and to my utmost delight, I was now allowed to have my voice heard.

I remember looking at the itinerary and feeling unable to comprehend the myriad of activities planned for us twelve girls during our short stay in Canberra. From a workshop on public speaking, to a Powerful Women’s Breakfast with the likes of Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, I was feeling overwhelmed but nonetheless utterly honoured to have been chosen to experience the opportunity to discuss issues such as gender equality, with women of influence.

From this power trip I’ve been able to take home with me more than a cool t-shirt with the Country to Canberra logo. I’ve returned with a new sense of confidence and belief in my abilities to achieve my goals. Spending time with the amazing girls and volunteers has made me realise that hard work and passion can take you anywhere.

And now that I am home, I realise that my journey is not yet over. It is has only just begun.

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