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Name: Reba Nicholson

Community, State: Yanco, Leeton, NSW

School: Yanco Agricultural High School

Age: 17 years old, Year 12

From primary school to Prime Minister, how can we create strong pathways to power for women?

To build a strong pathway the foundation of the ground underneath must hold enough strength and support to guide us on our journey. This strength and support must come from the people located just near, far and wide away from us. Australia, political leaders, influential people of today, mums, dads and children need to get on board to build a platform for women in today’s society. This society needs to create availability for women in society to stand for ethics and courage and to overall influence and represent females in this nation.

We must start from the bottom, change and shape society’s opinions of gender equality and females in relation to holding power in society today. We must open the door to let Australian women see the bright opportunities in front on them.

From primary to the end of high school and tertiary education we must educate students about the importance of historical events in relation to significant events that have shaped our country and how it is situated today. We must give our children the chance to let motivation scope their minds and inspire them to want a difference in today’s society. We must educate them on how we are positioned today and how women are political restricted. We must preach gender equality to children in this nation.

Skip a few years of schooling, work and jump a few more to Prime Minster. The Prime Minster must show support, highlight and advocate the opportunities which are available for women in this country to form greatness. The Prime Minster should strive to finally close the gap between the two genders and the inequalities present. Eliminate the restrictions and barriers from preventing women from power and install reforms to increase the availability for them. The PM of this nation should be willing to stand behind Australian women in pursing power and offer ambition to push them to succeed in this country. Men and women have the same rights in this country and are eligible to hold the same power, this should be publicized and re-advertised as repetition mechanism to highlight and emphasise this issue that is commonly ignored.

It is the people who have the will to look for change and challenge current social issues who need to be mounted in a powerful position in this country. It is the women with the good intentions, the leadership skills and courage to look into the future and continually plan on improving this country.

For us as a country we must find the will as a unified nation to overcome this barrier and kick the hurdle over. We must let women’s voices be heard and install inspiration in this country to override inequality.

Women in this country have the opportunity to overcome this barrier, achieve greatness and achieve succession and influence no matter the social barricade. Will you be an advocate for supporting the escalation of women in power today?