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March into Yellow

Michelle Monaghan PhotoWritten by Michelle Monaghan – Country to Canberra Teen Blogger

It’s the month of March already – the year is flying by!

Women have so much to celebrate this month with International Women’s Day, but for some women in particular, March is a chance to spread awareness about something much more serious and quite sad.

March is the month for ‘March Into Yellow’, a month to spread awareness of a common disease and show support for sufferers by wearing the colour yellow.

This disease effects 10 percent of women and can even appear in women as young as teenagers.

It’s called: Endometriosis.


Unfortunately, Endometriosis has no cure and only various medical treatments to try and make the pain more bearable to live with. Not only that, this disease can cause infertility, making it difficult for women to become pregnant which is often heartbreaking.

It is difficult to believe that we hear so little about Endometriosis and what it does to women.

I myself had never heard of the disease before. Why is it not more well known?

I can’t find the answer to that question, but I’ll tell you why it’s just as important to spread awareness and get involved in ‘March Into Yellow’:


  • causes pain and infertility
  • women of all ages can suffer 
  • diagnosis is made through laparoscopy and a biopsy (tissue sample) is taken
  • women can try a variety of medical treatments to alleviate the symptoms

This month, I’m encouraging women and men to wear an item of yellow for March and strike up a conversation about Endometriosis or try these other options:


  • Go to the ‘March Into Yellow’ website and use their yellow photo filter for your Facebook Profile Picture for March
  • Volunteer as part of the team
  • Donate money towards research
  • Getting people or your workplace together to have a yellow multi day on the 10th March
  • Fundraise money
  • Be supportive and understanding of women who are diagnosed with this disease

Doing just one of these things can make a huge difference towards raising awareness and support for women suffering with Endometriosis.

Let’s make a goal this year to strive to make this disease well-known!

Let us spread the word so women across Australia can know about this very painful disease.

In March, let us band together and ‘March into Yellow’!

For more information, please take the time to check out these websites:

Endometriosis Australia

March Into Yellow


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Jessica Fealy joined the Country to Canberra team in 2016 as the Blogger Team Director. Jess grew up on a dairy farm in Malanda, Far North Queensland before heading off to study a Bachelor of Commerce/Law at the University of New England in Armidale, New South Wales. Jess is a qualified Chartered Accountant who worked for many years in Brisbane as a senior accountant in wealth creation and self-managed superannuation, before deciding on a 'tree-change' and heading off to travel around Australia with her young family, which is where her love for blogging began. Now Jess and her husband Matt, and their four young children, live and work on their family owned mango, avocado, lime and passionfruit farm in Mareeba, Far North Queensland. Jess is a member of the Queensland Rural Regional and Remote Women's Network as well as a steering committee member for her local 'Resourcing Women of the North' Group. She is passionate about rural Australia and ensuring the young, country women of today, have their voices heard. Jess blogs about family, farming and fun in Far North Queensland at her blog "Are We There Yet?" http://www.fealyfamily.com/