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Nooria’s C2C Experience: “A Trip That is Everlasting”


Nooria Muradi was the Northern Territory winner of the 2015 Country to Canberra Leadership Competition. You can read her essay here.

I began counting down to the Country to Canberra Power Trip and as each day went by….. I felt my heart race at the thought of the experience and all the amazing people I was going to meet.

On Monday, the last day of November – the day before my trip, I came home and noticed there was letter addressed to my name. I was wondering who sent it.  Slowly, and carefully I opened it and began to read. Anne Ruston, Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources and Senator for South Australia had sent me a letter! I read it over and over again, each time I read it, I felt this force inside me that was bolting with joy.

My most exciting memory from the trip was when I sat in Tanya Plibersek’s office chair. It was so intriguing.  All the politicians had so many words of wisdom, and I felt very fortunate to have met such astounding women. Question Time in Parliament House was eye-opening, and walking around, I saw so many people who had various jobs yet the public did not know about them. The history and structure of Parliament House was educational and the Ned Kelly object and its symbolism was captivating.

The girls I met on the Power Trip were amazing, as they each brought something special with them. The trip would not have been as great as it was without their presence. It was fascinating to hear stories from each state of Australia – I think that’s what made the power trip so powerful, as I gained so much insight.

My most empowering moment on the trip was at the Powerful Women’s Breakfast, when one of the influential female leaders asked me to read the poem I wrote in my entry essay. As I read it out loud, I felt liberated. It was like my confidence increased by a thousand percent.  

To speak your mind is something, but to be heard is rather something that is much stronger.

The Power Prip dramatically changed my perspectives and views – from politics, to freedom, and most importantly, gender equality. Having met a number of prominent female federal politicians, I feel motivated to aim high and reach my goals. For once, I feel as a woman, I can do anything I want! Of course, with the right effort and determination. The person who had a major impact on me was Country to Canberra founder, Hannah Wandel. The world needs more women like Hannah. If she did not set this organisation, then I could have never experienced the Power Trip.

Months forward, I am the Vice-Captain of my school. The Power Trip gave me so much opportunity to develop, to believe in myself and in my dreams. Not to mention, I have an incredible mentor who is so supportive and uplifting. I am starting an Action Group at my school, which was inspired by my Country to Canberra experience. Coming back home to Alice Springs, I wanted other girls to experience what I had during the Power Trip. Therefore, I wanted to create a medium for students at my school to develop individual and leadership skills. The Power Trip can be summarised in one statement: a once in a lifetime opportunity that will change your perspective forever.