Where do you draw momentum from?

By Hannah Worsley "Where do you draw momentum from?" This was the question every TEDxCanberra speaker tried to answer in their presentation this year. Over the course of the day, I felt awe, joy, sadness, and amazement, and danced, sung, clapped, and laughed. Each speaker had a unique journey, but all had

By Sandy Bauer “Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that it is.”  – Unknown Author In the last couple of months my idea of how my life plan is supposed to go has changed in every way possible.

A few things no one tells you about university

By Vesna Clark – Country to Canberra Teen Blogger This is an honest and personal account of my experience of the first semester of University. Throughout my late high school years, friends and family would continually tell me not to worry about university, as it would be much more rewarding and enjoyable than high school.

Empower Profile: Aprille Legacy

Written by Michelle Monaghan – Country to Canberra Teen Blogger For this blog post, I found myself overjoyed and honoured to be interviewing one of my favourite authors and role models: Aprille Legacy. Renee Dutton writing by the pen name (Aprille Legacy) is a successful self-published author who wrote her first novel, Soul Fire, in

A letter to my 13 year old self

Written by Mikah Appel – Country to Canberra Teen Blogger As the end of Year 12 years, I can’t help but reflect on how I’ve changed since I started high school. If I could, I would love to dispense some wisdom to my past self in regards to what I should and shouldn’t do,

Empower Profile: Janine Milne

Written by Rebecca Pickering – Country to Canberra Teen Blogger A little over a year ago, I was incredibly lucky enough to meet the inspiring woman Janine Milne through my local Showgirl Quest. Between Janine being an Agriculture Science teacher, to her Next Gen involvement, as well as Showgirl and rural Ambassador envelopment, I

Regional Schools vs City Schools

By Sandy Bauer – Country to Canberra Teen Blogger A recent question brought up for discussion during the HeyWire 2017 Regional Youth Summit was ‘Will regional schools ever be able to give country students the same opportunities as their city cousins?’ Well, I’ve got a few things to say on this matter. I can

Life is Like a Liquorice Allsort

Written by Caitlin Heppner – Country To Canberra Teen Blogger You’re probably asking yourself, how is life like a liquorice allsort? Well, there is no wrong answer! To some it may mean something as simple as life is colourful and full of different tastes, to others it may be more meaningful! So,

Empower Profile: Katrina Sasse

I met the awesome Katrina Sasse last year in Adelaide, at the Australian Nuffield Farming Conference and knew straight away that she would make a perfect ‘Empower Profile’ on the Country to Canberra blog.  These profiles feature inspiring women and girls who are making waves and promoting empowerment in rural Australia.

The Big Apple

Written by Sabine Conolly – Country To Canberra Teen Blogger Today I’m going to talk to you about the big apple. Late one evening I was looking through my emails when I came across an invitation to apply for the United Nations Youth Assembly to be held in New York, February 2017. At first

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

Written by Hannah Worsley – Country To Canberra Teen Blogger It’s International Women's Day today! Whether you’ve been counting down the days until your sneaky feminist-themed t-shirt matches the occasion, or you only discovered that it existed because Facebook made a profile picture filter, we can all agree that today is

The importance of Gal Pals

Written by Louise Miolin – Country To Canberra Teen Blogger I like to to think that I possess a variety of positive traits. I can analyse novels really well, roll my tongue into a clover, speak in front of crowds...but I'll be the first to admit that when it comes to coordination

March into Yellow

Written by Michelle Monaghan – Country to Canberra Teen Blogger It's the month of March already - the year is flying by! Women have so much to celebrate this month with International Women’s Day, but for some women in particular, March is a chance to spread awareness about something much more serious and quite sad. March is

Cure for our daughters

Written by Areej Hassan – Country to Canberra Teen Blogger The day my mum had to take the last oral assessment for her MBBS degree (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) was also the day she was set to be engaged. When her male examiner found out about this, he was furious and

Women can rule!

Written by Michelle Monaghan - Country to Canberra Teen Blogger Today, I write about something extremely inspiring. She became Queen at the age of 25 in 1952 and now in 2017, at the age of 90, Queen Elizabeth is our longest reigning monarch. Monday the 6th of February marked the day that Queen Elizabeth’s reign

Powerful, confident and determined.

Written by Mikah Appel – Country to Canberra Teen Blogger It’s not every day you get the privilege to be coached by Olympic gold medalists. In 2016, after 35 years of providing a camp to boys across Australia, National Rugby Camp offered an overnight package to girls from around the country. It was held

What it means to ‘be yourself’

Our first Country to Canberra guest blogger for 2017 is the amazing Pamela Perre! She has written a terrific post about embracing all the different parts that make us women in today's world. Pamela began her full-time working life completing a year-long traineeship at Karlene Maywald's Chaffey Electorate Office. She's a born and

Year Twelve Jitters

Written by Rebecca Pickering - Country to Canberra Teen Blogger As the summer holidays drew to a close, I was forced to think about what my senior year would entail. Year 12 is our final year to prove ourselves both academically and as leaders.  It is our last chance to have a set routine

Forgotten Plaintiffs

Written by Vanessa Sporne - Country to Canberra Teen Blogger We place complete trust in our courts to enforce justice, but can they claim to be ‘just’ when they leave some Australian citizens out in the cold? We possess basic rights within our society. For example, everyone has the right to a free education, up

Is female fertility fair game?

Written by Hannah Worsley - Country To Canberra Teen Blogger I just can’t win. This statement could be applied to a lot of things, especially any kind of sports, given my expertise at getting concussions and my lack in terms of actual skills. However, I’ve recently discovered that I can’t win in

What I learnt about life from a poddy calf

By Sandy Bauer - Country to Canberra Teen Blogger Ever had someone say ‘that’s impossible’ or ‘you won’t cope with that change’? I have.  A few times actually, yet I’ve proved those particular people wrong every time. I’ve always had goals and ideas, some of which didn’t work out or were impossible, but

Nobody is youer than you!

Written by Ellie Simpson - Country To Canberra Teen Blogger I wanted to heat up some party pies and sausage rolls from the freezer. I popped them into the oven, turned up the heat, sat back and relaxed. And relaxed some more. 30 minutes later, the oven still wasn’t even hot. How

Empower Profile: Cassandra Heilbronn

Motivated by another awesome power trip event for 2016, we decided it was time to post another 'Empower Profile'.  These profiles feature inspiring women and girls who are making waves and promoting empowerment in rural Australia.  We are thrilled to be able to share with you Cassandra Heilbronn's story. She is an amazing woman


Written by Hannah Worsley - Country To Canberra Teen Blogger This week, despite not having followed the American presidential campaign or election beyond what cropped up in my newsfeed, I was truly heartbroken. Politics is something I tend to be very passionate about, yet the very high profile and emotionally charged event

Graduation Day

Written by Kelsey Price - Country To Canberra Teen Blogger Graduation day… the day that every high-school student cannot wait for. The day we get the freedom we wanted. But how prepared do we need to be? Being in Year 12, the realisation hits… the realisation being that our adult life starts,

Let’s Talk Politics

Written by Hannah Worsley - Country To Canberra Teen Blogger Now that the dust has settled on the 2016 election and we finally have a new prime-minister, I want to talk about how minority and marginalised groups in Australia are used as pawns at election time. I believe that this explains a

Backpackers Welcome

By Sandy Bauer - Country to Canberra Teen Blogger Whilst working on a cattle station you will almost always come across one or two backpackers who will fulfil certain roles on the station, generally of the domestic kind – mowing, cleaning and odd jobs. If someone was to come from overseas as

The Underestimated Power of Australian Youth

Written by Louise Miolin - Country To Canberra Teen Blogger At the beginning of this month, I had a life changing five days.  As part of the Western Australian Delegation for the United Nations Youth National Conference (what a mouthful!) I flew to Brisbane for a week of eye opening workshops, incredibly


Written by Vanessa Sporne - Country to Canberra Teen Blogger Waking up to a morning kiss and lying in bed until noon, spending the evening strolling hand-in-hand along a golden shore, coming home to a bedroom smothered in rose petals and scented with lavender, then laying under the stars at midnight with only your

The Rise of Female Led Comedy

By Vesna Clark - Country to Canberra Teen Blogger In recent years, there has been a considerable rise in female driven comedy with women such as Amy Schumer, Mindy Kaling, Melissa McCarthy and Chelsea Peretti starring in various films, television series and stand up comedy acts. Of course, there are the familiar

Our Country

We're thrilled to have the amazing Sarah Burr as this month's Country to Canberra guest blogger! She's shared a brilliant post with us in honour of NAIDOC Week. Sarah Burr is one inspirational lady! She has a B. Environmental Management in Sustainable Development (Hons) from the University of Queensland, a Grad. Cert. in Public Administration from

A How to Guide to Winning the C2C Power Trip

A How-To Guide to Winning the C2C Power Trip by Rachel Alger Rachel Alger hails from Port Macquarie and was the New South Wales winner of the 2015 Country to Canberra Essay Competition. You can read her winning essay here.   Dear Future Winners of Country to Canberra, Welcome to the family – a family of friendships and

A Teen Take on Foreign Investment

Written by Lauren Butler - Country to Canberra Teen Blogger Growing up in rural Queensland has given me an insight into the agricultural industry and has shown me the real meaning of hard work. After living on the land for almost 16 years now, I have learned to appreciate the effort that goes

The Secret Motivator

Written by Rachel Alger, Country to Canberra Teen Blogger. We work hard, but work is hard. We’re a species of procrastination. Often we need a good motivator to kick-start our inspiration and nudge us along the path of productivity. Unfortunately, that driving force is different for everyone, and it can be

Guest Post: Caitlin Figueiredo

"Caitlin Figueiredo is a BIG picture idealist – her mission is to empower individuals from all walks of life to rally together to end social injustice within her lifetime. She believes every man, woman and child deserve to have the same opportunities, as one another and no one should ever

Broadening My Horizons

Written by Vanessa Sporne - Country to Canberra Teen Blogger It's hard to believe it has been nearly six months since I left home, left my family, left everything that was familiar to me. I remember filling in my university preference list in the middle of last year. When you’re tapping little keys on a

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

By Sandy Bauer - Country to Canberra Teen Blogger Your Vibe attracts your Tribe. Literally. Since the very day I saw it- I’ve lived by the quote, ”Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card.   How you leave others feeling after having an experience with you is your trademark.”

My Teenage Take on Rural Living

Written by Ellie Simpson - Country To Canberra Teen Blogger It’s hard to be myself. That is the only downfall of living in a rural area like Burnie, Tasmania. I don’t mean that it’s hard to be myself as in talking to people or expressing my feelings. No – this is much more

Happy Mother’s Day

Written by Madalyn Wallace - Country To Canberra Teen Blogger It's Mother's Day today which means there’s no better time to reflect on the importance of female friendships. Throughout Australian history, mothers, daughters and friends have stood arm in arm to fight for their working rights, right to vote and right to be

Let’s talk about ‘Catcalling’

Written by Hannah Worsley - Country To Canberra Teen Blogger In this post, I don’t mean to demean anyone, and I don’t mean to stereotype on the basis of gender. Both men and women get catcalled, both men and women catcall, and it is never okay. What I intend to highlight

Kelsey’s Reflection Piece: The trip that motivated a thousand ideas

Kelsey Price is a 16-year-old Middlemount High School student who was the 2015 Country to Canberra Essay Competition winner, representing Queensland. You can read her winning essay here.  Kelsey's Power Trip was generously sponsored by the Maurice Blackburn Lawyers Women's Network.  Getting the call, saying that I had won the Country to Canberra essay competition, was the most

Avenue Range

Written by Samantha Edwards - Country To Canberra Teen Blogger “So, where are you from?” As a boarder (at boarding school), this is probably the question I’m asked most. Once you’ve answered a question that many times, you develop a go-to response. Mine is pretty vague, because only people who live there know

Why Fight the Feminist Fight in 2016?

Written by Ellecha Thorp - Country To Canberra Teen Blogger All too often, when meeting people in settings that require the discussion of ideological values, the question arises: “are you a feminist?”. I am a strong believer in equality across genders, so of course I am a feminist. Unfortunately however, we’re not all

The Impact of Social Media

Written by Kelsey Price - Country To Canberra Teen Blogger What is something that the people in this world can't live without? Internet. Most of the population of the world thank the wonderful minds that created social media accounts. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and other social accounts are taking the world by storm!

The Freedom of Rural Living

By Sandy Bauer - Country to Canberra Teen Blogger Well this is my first ever blog as a member of the ‘Country to Canberra’ blogger team. I have spent the last few days thinking about what I would write about first, there are so many topics close to my heart! To put it

Why Rural Girls Should Learn to Program

Written by Rachel Alger - Country To Canberra Teen Blogger We live in a digital age, where most aspects of our lives are influenced in some way by technology. This is a super exciting time - through technology, we can bring the future to us. Unfortunately, many young women aren’t excited about

Country Women

Written by Louise Miolin - Country To Canberra Teen Blogger Sipping on tea and buttery slice, my mother and two of her friends sit at the kitchen table. My mother is the youngest of the trio, all of them with children all-grown-up (except for me, of course, the baby by ten years).

I’m Off To Uni – Look Out Sydney!

Written by Hannah Worsley - Country To Canberra Teen Blogger For someone who hates numbers, I’ve had to deal with them a lot over the past few weeks. Student number for university. Application number for my police check. Batch number for my vaccinations. And of course the student helpline phone number because golly whiskers this

Mean Girls

Written by Vanessa Sporne - Country to Canberra Teen Blogger I always believed that Regina George’s ‘Burn Book’ from the 2004 movie 'Mean Girls' was a distant myth; dreamt up by some director who had no perception of the reality of the teenage girl. That was until I realised that the

It’s Time to Take Our Generation Seriously!

By Kaitlyn Loft - Country to Canberra Teen Blogger The word ‘politics’ is often used like a youth deterrent by adults and as a punchline by teens themselves. My generation – the millennials – are infamous for their political apathy; but it is, arguably, not the fault of our own laziness,

The Top 6 Horror Films with Feminist Themes

By Vesna Clark, Country to Canberra teen blogger. As a horror fan and feminist, it is often difficult to find a horror or thriller film that is not entirely misogynistic and stereotypical of women. Most horror films will portray the “dumb blonde” and the “passive, shy brunette”. Both characters are exploited, sexualised

The Term Our Teen Blogger Wants To Ban

By Vesna, Country to Canberra teen blogger.       Urban dictionary #1: “What you attain after you fail to impress a woman you’re attracted to. Usually initiated by the woman saying, “You’re such a good friend.” Example: “I spent all that money on a date, just to find out she put me in the

The Day Profile Pictures Turned Rainbow

By Kaitlyn Loft, Country to Canberra teen blogger. Learn more about her here.      Remember the day that Facebook profile pictures turned rainbow? I do. It was the 26th of June 2015 - a day that marked a huge success for the LGBT+ community due to the legalization of same-sex marriage across the United States

Little schools, big heart

By Vanessa, Country to Canberra teen blogger.     When I was younger, and before I became an intolerable teenager, my primary school was the centre of my world. It was where I got to escape my parents and delve into a universe where I could completely be myself. Jamberoo Public School was

Empower Profile: Jewel Dennis

By Libby O'Brien, Country to Canberra teen blogger.      For the average teenager, balancing the pressures of school life with home responsibilities can seem almost impossible, but maintaining stability between these factors is vital for a successful life. As a rural teenager in her final year of school, seventeen-year-old Jewel Dennis not only proves that

Fake it til you make it

Ellie Simpson, Country to Canberra Teen Blogger.     A common catch-phrase among schools, the workplace and in my own life is “fake it til you make it”. There isn't one person in particular who gave me this piece of advice, as I think almost everyone has used it at some point. Picture this: you're sitting

Why some people reject the F-Bomb

Kaitlyn Loft is a Country to Canberra teen blogger.      Feminazi, man-haters, extremists – when the word ‘feminist’ carries such negative connotations, it’s no wonder that parts of society feel alienated and attacked by a movement that’s actually defined by equality and created by common sense. To some, feminists have been reduced

The struggles of the modern-day country girl

'Goodbye, cash. See you never.' This was pretty much the conversation I had with myself seven weeks ago. I wanted to book a flight from Canberra to beautiful Port Lincoln in rural South Australia. My sisters live around this town (known for tuna and great whites respectively) and my need to go and see

Country sport rocks. Can you play ball?

Vanessa Sporne, Country to Canberra teen blogger.     Every Friday night, no matter how cold, no matter how windy, no matter how badly you just want to slip on those ugg boots and park yourself in front of the TV, the Jamberoo Community Touch Football Tournament must be attended. Jamberoo is only

My view on quotas

Hannah Worsley, Country to Canberra Teen Blogger 50:50. Half and half. Equal. It's a nice concept isn't it? In the fight for gender equality, I guess that's exactly what we are aiming for-a society where men and women have the same opportunities. But when people propose quotas in order to achieve this,

The one big question for today’s teenagers

 Ellie Simpson, Country to Canberra Teen Blogger.      As if high school isn’t daunting enough, us Tasmanian teenagers get to experience another two years in a new and fun, albeit daunting and stressful environment to decide upon our futures. For Years 11 and 12, we put ourselves through college to answer the one

Empower Profile: Senator Fiona Nash

Happy International Women’s Day – a day that spotlights gender equality and celebrates the contributions of women around the globe! This year’s theme, #MakeItHappen, is encouraging effective action. So, in the spirit of ‘leaning in’ and going after our goals, Country to Canberra is posting its first-ever ‘Empower Profile’. These

Why I Had an Eye-Opening Experience

Libby O'Brien is one of the winners of Country to Canberra's inaugural essay competition on gender equality in rural Australia. Following her win, Libby scored an all-expenses paid 'Power Trip' to Canberra to meet inspirational female leaders on December 3, 2014. Libby's 16 years old, is from Beaudesert, QLD, and was recently made School

A ‘Powerful’ Trip to the Capital

Hannah Worsley is one of the inaugural winners of Country to Canberra's essay competition on gender equality and empowerment in rural Australia. Following her win, Hannah received an all-expenses paid 'Power Trip' to Canberra to  meet inspirational leaders on December 3, 2014. Hannah lives on her family farm near Nullamanna in New

A Girl For the Rest of My Life

Lauren Northcote is a Year 11 student and blogger from Darwin, Australia. She wrote the following guest post about gender equality for Country to Canberra.  In rose pink, taffeta dresses and elegant bows, I was told I was pretty, well dressed, with quiet manners. This was well-suited perhaps, if only for

International Day of Rural Women

Our founder, Hannah Wandel, wrote this guest post for YWCA Canberra to honour the International Day of Rural Women on October 15, 2014. See the original post here:   Last month, I had three unforgettable conversations. I called the winners of Country to Canberra’s inaugural essay competition, and told them they had

Getting over the white line

I will never, ever forget my school sports days. I will always remember the loud cheers, my feeble attempts at triple jump, and the cans of coloured hairspray that turned my head from brown to sparkly blue as fast as you can say ‘tunnel spoke.’ But there was one thing I